The parallel concurrent International Conference is aiming to exchange experiences, promote dialogues and define roles for developing a concrete strategy for doubling farmers’ income by 2022.

Krishi Kumbh International Conference is the perfect place to get your voice heard, and learn about best of national and international experiences from the eminent speakers. It will provide networking opportunities to exchange ideas leading to future business alliance.

Conference Programme

Day 1

Doubling Farmers Income By 2020

Mechanization for Farming Efficiency

Seeds for Improved Yields

Inputs and Technology Management in Agriculture

ICT and Innovative Models in Extension

Day 2

Linking Farms with Market and Exports

Dairy Entrepreneurship – Scope and Approaches

Poultry and Fisheries for More Jobs and more Income

Sugar Sector – Time for Fresh Policy Look

PHM and Processing for Increasing Farm Profits

Day 3

Horticulture for Income and Nutritional Security

Precision Farming for Doubling Farm Incomes

New Crops Opportunities – Cotton, Olive and Spices

Banks and Institutions in Agriculture Development

Opportunities in Farm and Rural Entrepreneurship